, the Friends Of OpenJDK!

JUG World Tour: Dubai JUG (#10)

December 30, 2022 Season 2 Episode 10, the Friends Of OpenJDK!
JUG World Tour: Dubai JUG (#10)
Show Notes

Last month we introduced a new topic in this podcast when we visited the Manchester Java User group. That JUG already exists for nearly 10 years, so they had a lot of history to share. In this episode, we talk to the organizers of the Dubai JUG that started in May of 2022. Let’s learn what the challenges are for a new JUG, how the culture of Dubai and Hawai are alike, possible upcoming conferences, and much more


Podcast host


  • 00'00 Intro and music 
  • 00'10 About the topic of this podcast 
  • 00'35 Introduction of Jad and Frank
  • 01'46 About the start of the JUG
  • 03'20 About the developer community 
  • 04'23 The challenge of finding local speakers and attendees
  • 07'40 About the first JUG sessions
  • 08'50 The mix of Java experience 
  • 10'10 Education, universities, and courses 
  • 11'18 Plans for the next JUGs
  • 14'40 Support by companies
  • 16'48 Side activities
  • 18'38 Support of Azul to start the JUG
  • 20'09 Chris joins the call, introduction
  • 21'04 Comparing Dubai and Hawai and 
  • 32'44 Working on VoxxedDays Dubai 
  • 35'41 How to get in contact
  • 36'43 Conclusion