, the Friends Of OpenJDK!

Foojay Podcast #5: OpenJDK 19 Discussion Panel

September 20, 2022 Season 2 Episode 5, the Friends Of OpenJDK!
Foojay Podcast #5: OpenJDK 19 Discussion Panel
Show Notes

On September 20th, OpenJDK version 19 gets released. In this podcast, we are looking forward to the new features and changes this release brings.


  • Miroslav Wengner (OpenValue)
  • Mary Grygleski (CJUG, DataStax)
  • Deepu K Sasidharan (Okta, JHipster)

Podcast host:

  • Erik Costlow (Azul)

0'00 Short intro and music
0'15 Introduction about the shift of Java releases to a 6-month release cycle and version 19
0'55 Introduction Speakers and Host
3'30 Review of articles published on Foojay regarding the new JDK 19 features
4'00 What is project Loom and virtual threads? 
4'55 What can we expect in OpenJDK 19?
6'10 Project Amber, pattern matching, switch cases
7'10 Massive throughput with virtual threads
8'45 About preview and incubator features
12'50 Platform versus virtual threads
17'05 Java is becoming much stronger, reducing the need for extra frameworks
18'15 Java versus other languages
21'40 How trading companies can profit from virtual threads
22'50 Project Panama, shared memory use
28'05 About jextract
29'35 About Java versions, LTS, and how they are used
33'35 Record patterns
35'40 Maintainability and developer productivity
37'40 The importance of keeping up with other languages to keep Java "cool" for developers
43'30 About Java modules
45'45 Outro